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Babyswim nappie - Dolphin Swimwear, madę in EU

The babyswim nappies from Dolphin Swimwear have reached a new level by now also being produced in Europe!

We care about the environment, and therefore, it is important for us to offer a better option for our popular babyswim diaper. Production now takes place much closer to us, which helps reduce negative environmental impacts.

The swim diaper or babyswim nappie, as we prefer to call it, from Dolphin Swimwear is a unique swim diaper with a drawstring that allows for individual adjustment around both the thighs and the waist.

A perfect babyswim diaper that helps to keep everything in! Approved for small children in pools and swim schools. The babyswim nappies are available in many patterns and color combinations so you can find your favorite.

The baby swim shorts are made of 100% polyester.

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