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Babysimboken Babysimboken baksida Baby Swim Book Baby Swim Book


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Ludmilla Rosengren is a registered doctor and founder of the Swedish Babyswim Association. She has been active with baby and small children swimming since 1989 and since 1993, Linn & eacute; has the simskola been running. Since 1997, she has educated thousands of babysiminstructors and is a well-known lecturer even abroad.

The Baby swim book is a comprehensive book about swimming with children from three months of age. Ludmilla Rosengren emphasizes how joy and curiosity will drive the child's development while having a structured program of goal-oriented exercises. The red thread in teaching is water safety.

The baby book is an indispensable tool for all parents who want to get the most out of the swimming with their little kids. The book contains medical facts, common questions, lyrics and detailed information about all exercises. Here is also information on how to teach the child to hold their breath underwater and how to develop the young children to swim structured crawl. Babysim book is also very useful for instructors and others who need to be able to answer questions about babysim.

The fourth edition of the Babysim Book (2016) has been completely reworked with clearer design and new images.

Welcome to water adventure!

Number of pages 151. Four-color and hard pads.

ISBN 978-916390355-7


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