What Swimming Aid Should I Choose?

Firstly: Swimming aids are made to assist, NOT to carry the children. The child should not become reliant using the aid as that could develop a false sense of safety. Swimming aid is ONLY swimming aid and should not be worn, or used as floating aid. The heads of children are heavy and big, thus making it hard for themselves to keep their own heads above water. The swimming aids are designed to enable free movement above the surface.

At Linneashopen and Linnéas Simskola (Linnéa Swim School) we believe that children, under a limited time, benefit from having aid on that helps them to float horizontal and gives them the freedom to move on their own. During our lessons at Linnéas Simskola, we limit the time using swimming aids, that helps them float, to 5 minutes per 30 minute lesson because equally important is the knowledge of knowing the restrictions in and dangers of water. We want the children to know that water is wonderful and fun but also know the dangers and you have to respect the water. As an example, if they were to fall into a pool, they have to learn to hold their breath, swim back to the pool's edge, float on their back, and hold on  We teach these skills, and many more, at Linneas Simskola as it is fundamental to learn!

Good swimming aids allow the children to be in a proper swimming position, horizontally with most of the body under water. By letting the child into the right swimming position, makes them strive for the same position when the aid is to be removed. A good swimming aid gives the child support where it is needed and only where it is needed.

Advantages of using Swimming Aid:

  • Swimming aids are great for balance and body coordination.
  • Swimming aids give the children the ability to develop their swimming skills and as well safely and more easily practice their swimming skills without the aid.

Swimming Aid We Do Not Recommend:

  • ”Badringar” är sämre som simhjälp eftersom barnet hamnar mycket högt upp i vattnet, med armarna högt upp vilket ger helt fel läge för simning.
  • Simringar i form av stolar med två hål för benen som finns på marknaden avråds helt ifrån (Konsumentverkets rapport 2001:15 beskriver farligheten med dessa.)
  • Baddräkter med flytkraft i är inte hller att rekommendera eftersom barnet inte lär känna kroppens begränsningar. Barnet tror ofta att kroppen flyter så mycket även utan baddräkt.

Good to know:

  • To limit the time using the Aid is important, 5 minutes during a 30 minute lesson is a good rule of thumb, in order for them to feel and be aware of the limitations of water when they are without aid.
  • sWhen using swimming aid the waterline should be about the same height as the mouth when the child is passive. If the mouth is higher, the child has to much lift from the swimming aid.

Recommended Swimming Aid 


Good Age to Start Using



Skrutten Rings


  Approx. 9 months.

Good swimming postition, gradually gives lift.  Freedom of movement as the hole is centered.

Need to be inflated.


  Approx. 3 years.

Good position in the water to practice swimming skills. Only gives the lift when it is needed. The arms are free.

Need to be tightened with two straps. Takes up space in your bag.

Dolphin Rings


 Approx. 2 years.

The child lies deeply in the water. The rings (6 in total) can be combined for optimal lift.

They can hinder the child's movement due to the eccentric holes.

Inflatable AWP Arm Bands



 Approx. 1,5 years.

The child can still move freely because of the centered hole.

Need to be inflated.



Approx. 1 years. From size EU 22.

The flippers lift the legs up to a good swimming position and give a positive feedback to the child's leg movements. Helps the child to find the leg kick.


Simfötterna håller fast barnets fötter.

The flippers


This text is written by Dr. Ludmilla Rosengren, writer, doctor, and founder of Linnéas Simskola and linneashopen.se and Cecilia Törnberg, Swim Instructor and Swim Instructor trainer with years of experience teaching children to swim, and be safe around water!

For more information feel free to contact us! order@linneashopen.se Do you want to use this text? Please e-mail ludmilla@linneassimskola.se.