Trygg e-handel - Shop Trustmark



The Svensk Distanshandel's "safe e-commerce" Trustmark, "Trygg E-handel" was introduced in 2007 in a coalition between private and public organizations.

The role of the Trustmark is to support clear, simple and unified guidelines for both consumers and e-commerce companies.

The Trustmark covers issues such as:


- Company information

- The product and the total cost

- Timeframe of shipping

- Warranty

- Cancellation of contract

- Complaints

- Manual of usage

- Consumers under age

- Financial security

- Safe payments solutions


The responsible administrator carries out random check-ups. Members of the Trustmark are also given a financial rating. An external party audits members' homepages.


Trygg E-handel is apart of EMOTA, European Trustmark for E-Commerce which gives us the certificate of EMOTA. Linneashopen's Certificate if the link does not work, please visit