Mini Mighty Mind

Mini MightyMind is a smaller version of the international award-winning original version of MightyMind. Puzzle that won Parent´s Choice “Toy of the Year-award” i USA.
This is an introductory version of MightyMind's unique product that develops the logical thinking of the children. The puzzle is a creative self-activity for children between 3 and 8 years.
With Mini MightyMind, children can combine shapes and tiles to create shapes, animals, people, buildings and imaginative images. 

The MightyMind series develops children's skills in problem solving, creative and logical thinking while learning to match colors, shapes and sizes. It also develops the important eye-hand coordination as well as other fine motorics.

Contains 12 durable game trays and 16 different PC cards with increasing difficulty

Norwegian, Swedish and English instructions are included

ålder: 3 – 8 år

Sorry - this product is currently not avaiable for purchase.

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